Reed Diffuser Amber

Reed Diffuser Amber

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For a long lasting fragrance our Reed Diffusers typically last over 3 months.  They come in all your favourite scents.  If you cannot smell the fragrance, it's time to turn the reeds over to refresh the scent. 

We hope you enjoy your Reed Diffuser as much as we enjoyed making them for you. Please choose a fragrance above.

Fragrances include:

  • Ginger Sunrise - Sweet Pear and Jasmine with fresh Leaf Green and Fir Needle then a spritz of Ginger makes this fragrance one of our top sellers.
  • Mr Grey -  Yes Yes Yes .... Yes it's exactly what you are thinking...Yes we went there... Yes it does smell like a sexy man ..... enough said.
  • Nature -  Sometimes you just have to get back to nature. This fragrance has everything reminiscent of the Australian outdoors.
  • Smoked Amber -  This fragrance was created to help you unwind and relax with its honeysuckle and smokey sandalwood notes and rich, warm amber base.
  • Sweet Lemongrass -  Fresh, green herbal notes perfectly combine with light citrus to have you thinking all things fresh.
  • Warm Basil - Like a warm, herby blanket for the soul.
  • Caramel Sundae - Just as it sounds, you can already taste it, can't you....?